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CLASS    : 3 C
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Writing in Professional Context 2
“Thanking People and Responding to Thanks”

Definition of thanking

thanhson - Definition of thanhson , meaning of thanhson
A delinquent partial turd which grasps anal shrubery causing smelly brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers. Some examples : My wife tells me that I need to wipe my ass better because my Thanhsons are making my underware a nasty mess, howev[......]
thankfulness - Definition of thankfulness , meaning of thankfulness
1 (noun) gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciativeness warm friendly feelings of gratitude.


thankgodfully - Definition of thankgodfully , meaning of thankgodfully
-ADVERB1. feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.2. aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful.a. a compound word of the adverb "thankfully" and phrase "thank God."b. used as an interjection to express relief, etc.c. plural Gods may be sub[......]


thankie - Definition of thankie , meaning of thankie
a cuter way of saying "thank-you" or "thanks"Some examples : thankie for the comments
thankies - Definition of thankies , meaning of thankies
In reference to thanking someone, for a deed, favor or action done.Some examples : Person 1: Heres your water.Person 2: ThankiesA made up word that generally means Thank You, but in a more cheerful mannor. It's usually used in Instant Me[......]
thanking - Definition of thanking , meaning of thanking
1  thanking of Thank
thankish - Definition of thankish , meaning of thankish
Saying thank you in a cute waySome examples : thankish for the cheesecake
thank-jacking - Definition of thank-jacking , meaning of thank-jacking
When someone writes a 'happy birthday' message on someone else's wall and you comment 'same'Some examples : Dude, on Facebook I was doing some thank-jacking!Azveed-"Hi Lauren have a great day"Dom comments "Same"
thankle - Definition of thankle , meaning of thankle
An exaggeration of 'cankle'. Whereas 'cankle' is a contraction of 'calf-ankle', 'thankle' is 'thigh-ankle'. Indicates that there isn't just no discernable ankle, but no knee either.Some examples : Speaker 1. Sally has such cankles.Speaker 2. N[......]
thankles - Definition of thankles , meaning of thankles
theighs that go all the way downSome examples : "Sam has thankles"No separation between the thigh and the ankle.Ususally seen in very chunkdified women.Some examples : She had thankles like an elephant.
thankless - Definition of thankless , meaning of thankless
Part of speech : adjective . Definition : of a job or task) difficult or unpleasant and not likely to be satisfying or to be appreciated by others: . Example : being an umpire is a thankless job . Pronunciation : /ˈθaŋklɪs[......]

thankless wretch - Definition of thankless wretch , meaning of thankless wretch
1 (noun) ingrate, thankless wretch, ungrateful person a person who shows no gratitude
thankly - Definition of thankly , meaning of thankly
1 (adverb) thankly thankfully
thankmas - Definition of thankmas , meaning of thankmas
n. a holiday for families that can only gather once a year. Thanksgiving + Christmas = ThankmasSome examples : Thanksgiving + Christmas = Thankmas
thank-offering - Definition of thank-offering , meaning of thank-offering
Part of speech : noun . Definition : an offering made as an act of thanksgiving .
thankovsky - Definition of thankovsky , meaning of thankovsky
A word used to thank the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Origins in the BBC television show 'Look Around You'Some examples : Tchaikovsky: I've got those videos you asked forYou: Thankovsky.

Thanking People and Responding to Thanks

1. Thanking for directions
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: Thank you so much for your directions. You've been a tremendous help.
B: It was my pleasure.
A: Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. I hope it wasn't too much of a bother.
B: Not at all. It was the least I could do.
A: Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.
B: You're welcome. Good luck.
A: Thanks a million!
B: Forget it/Don't worry about it.
2. Thanking for invitations
Sample phrases
A: Thank you for inviting me. Of course I'll come.
B: Great! We're sure to have a lot of fun.
A: Thanks for your invitation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to come. I've got an appointment.
B: I'm sorry to hear that. We'll certainly miss you.
3. Thanking for gifts
Sample phrases
A: Thank you very much for the flowers. They look so beautiful. Are they from your garden?
B: Yes. I'm glad you like them. Happy anniversary!
A: Thanks a lot, but you really shouldn't have.
B: Well, I just wanted to show my appreciation for your kindness.
4. Thanking for favors
Sample phrases
A: Thank you so much for lending me your bicycle.
B: Don't mention it. Let me know if you need it again.
A: Thanks for doing the washing-up.
B: It was nothing. I enjoyed helping you.
5. Thanking for offers of help
Sample phrases
A: Can I take you to the airport?
B: Thank you. That would be great.
A: Do you need help carrying these suitcases?
B: Thanks, but I'll manage OK by myself.
6. Thanking for expressions of sympathy
Sample phrases
A: I'm sorry to hear your grandmother is ill.
B: Thank you. I hope she'll be all right.
A: That's too bad about your car.
B: Thanks. I think the police will find some clues.
7. Thanking for compliments and wishes of success
Sample phrases
A: You are such a good cook!
B: Thanks. I learned a lot from my mother.
A: Good luck with your exams!
B: Thanks. I'll need it!

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