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Class    :           3c
NPM   :           10211210035
Date    :           28-12-2011
Writing to Descriptive People

            In English learn formed the content is integrated in the four language skills, for example listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It aims to build your language, discourse, sociocultural and strategic competence. All the components help us understand and use it as the media of communication. And then in this essay the writer choice the tittle about “Writing to Descriptive People”. In learn describe people someone have to could describe part of body someone and could explain someone. Hopefully this essay will help you learn English in communicative way. Describe people is easy thing in English, but if we have not something skill to do it, is to be a hard thing. We can not explain about someone or everybody are we know, and we have hard communication, so it is to be so important thing in English. The way easy to writing is word choice, A paper will be more readable if words are used economically. Writing concisely may be contrary to common practice in some countries where, I have been told, authors are paid by the number of words published! Always remember that your goal is to facilitate communication, which is accomplished through concise and lucid writing in a well-organized manner.
Therefore The book that the writer read is Writing for Academic and English in Focus. In that book explain about how to describe of people. The content of these book is make the reader clear with the picture about part of body as example to make speciefic for learn about describe people. In that book writing to descriptive people is the easy learn in English, someone only must make rich her vocabulary, so that someone could explain about person or people, that someone could know and make he easy to describe. And then someone must know about simple present tense, because in describe people use grammar simple present tense so with know simple present tense and have much vocabulary someone could with easy to describe people. That’s all about describe people in English. And it’s can help us in English communication. An antecedent is the word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers. A sentence may be confusing if the pronoun and its antecedent are not clearly identifiable. A missing antecedent cannot be assumed to be “obvious from context,” and an ambiguous reference should always be corrected.
            In this secsion the writer try to analyzez about describe people. In English someone must have skill to help in communicative way. So this subject enough important to learn because without learn about people we will experience the something hard in daily activity. The first step to learn describe people we must know about simple present tense, it is the important thing, because when explained about people we use grammar simple present, and then after that the second step we must have much vocabulary especially about part of body, we must make rich our vocabulary therefore we can use English in communicative. And then Verbs can express action. For many action verbs there are nouns of similar derivation that expresses the result of the action, for example, examine/examination and perform/performance. Using the noun form expresses the action indirectly. Your writing will be more vigorous if such nouns are replaced by the verb forms. And then Modifiers can be words, phrases, or clauses. They fall into one of two categories : adjectives or adverbs. Adjectives qualify nouns and pronouns, the words that serve as subjects and objects of sentences. Adverbs mainly modify verbs, but they can also modify adjectives, the adverbs, and even whole sentences. Because their position can alter the intended meaning, it is important to place modifiers properly.  Adjectives. Adjectival modifiers are easy to place and usually modify the nearest noun. One or more adjectives precede the noun, while adjective phrases follow the noun. About the adverb Adverbs. Adverbs behave less conventionally than adjectives and are not as easy to place. Since an adverb can modify a verb, an adjective, an adverb, and even an entire sentence, the positioning of an adverb can sometimes perplex even the most practiced writer.Most single-word adverbs end in -ly, such as lightly and evenly, and usually precede the words that they modify. We usually centrifuge samples for ten minutes. He noted a relatively large increase in blood flow. An exception is when the adverb modifies an intransitive verb, which is a verb without a direct object. The adverb usually follows the intransitive verb that it modifies. Compound verbs. Compound verbs consist of one or more helping verbs (have, be, do, and the like) and a participle (a verb given an -ing, -ed, or -en ending). A single adverb modifying a compound verb should immediately follow the first helping verb. He is probably writing his thesis now. He will probably have completed his thesis by then. If only the participle is being modified, the number of words in the adverbial determines its placement in the sentence. If the adverbial is a single word, it immediately precedes the participle; otherwise, it follows the verb. Sentences containing several adjectives in sequence are difficult to understand, These sequences are sometimes called Germanic constructions, after the German practice of concatenating several adjectives and nouns to form a single, very long word. They are no easier to understand in English than they are in German! This is a case where the most concise sentence is not the clearest; a few extra words and punctuation marks will make the sentence easier to understand.

            In this part I will try to find the contrasdiction between reference the book I read with my opinion and my knowledge about describe people. As I know in describe people that is the hard thing, many people feel trouble when explain about people, although other people have skill about describe people but it is not only about simple present, it is about how someone have perception or someone can give score for other someone, and if any something wrong when explain person, that person can feel angry and uncomfortable with us. So carefully when you try to describe someone because it is not easy you must have skill about that. And simple present or vocabulary is not enough to can explain person. We must have skill to take object point in everything, especially when we take point of person, not just describe, we must know about for example the part of body someone, that someone have straight hair or curly hair, and that someone have the square face or circle face, and that someone have pointed nose or the little nose,etc and all everything about someone we must have skill to do it. This is not about just describe but we must know how to indentify and claim of person, after we have skill to mention that part of body of someone we must know about performance of that person, how her clouth or how her shoes, etc something is can describe that someone.
            And the last for me, I will make the conclusion of this subject about describe people, describing people is the way someone to explain someone with look part of body. That learn is very important because without that we can experience something hard in daily activity, as a people everyday sure we will meet with the kind of people and the different people so we should have skill about I thing, don’t make that thing to be a unimportant. So the conclusion of this essay is everybody have skill about describe someone, the first step is someone must know about the simple present tense, without that we can confused how to explain that person, and the second step we must have much vocabulary, make rich our vocabulary and that can help you to explain person. It is can make you easy and you can English communication well. And for sugetion I think that is enough, all of them has explained in this essay, so I hopelly this essay will help you learn English in communicative way. Describe people is easy thing in English, but if we have not something skill to do it, is to be a hard thing. We can not explain about someone or everybody are we know, and we have hard communication, so it is to be so important thing in English.

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