Monday, January 23, 2012

Hafifah Yuningsih

Name : Hafifah Yuningsih
NPM : 08211210073
Class : 5 evening
Story about me
I am hafifah yuningsih, the second child in my family. I have one man elder brother and two younger sisters. When my age was five year ago, I was school at kindergarten school. Afterwards continue at elementary school negri 2. after graduate from elementary school, I continue at madrasah tsanawiyah. there I begin to follow activity exist in school, like osis, boy scout, etc. after graduate from junior high school, i continue to second high school at madrasah aliyah country 1. there i follow activity exist in also school, but not osis and or boy scout. At that time I am interested with paskibra. paskibra flag hoister troop. So, me want to impersonate mobile in every moment to involved in the case of that. Besides uniform at use in paskibra enough interesting my interest to joints paskibra during unite at paskibra, we always practice each week, after go home school until afternoon around five. In paskibra matter at teach quite a lot, including line practice marches, how to fly the flag, and still many again. in paskibra every year at perform candidate selection paskibraka at follow by class student one representative from the school each every years, paskibra at man 1 always send the representation to follow selection and praise be to god every year it certain there chosen is paskibraka. and by accident at the (time) of my exponent
is man 1 send the representation as much as three person, one man student, two woman students and i belong in it. Selection goes on during three-day. Terms that must at fulfill including health certificate, tall size, heavy body and photo copy report value semester one. Selection in begin start from seven o’clock in the morning until five o'clock afternoon. But at the lasts day it’s until eight evening o clock. And use uniform from the school each. On the first I and my friends escapes in stage furthermore, then in second selection there my friend is doesn't escape. So that enter in third selection or latest only live two representations from man1. And use uniform from the school each. At that time I am very disappointed, because my willing is to is paskibraka not reached. Although many times and energy at sacrifice but that is all doesn't be in vain. There I also glad because still there representation from man 1 chosen. Although many times and energy at sacrifice but that is all doesn't be in vain. Many sciences who I can from those experiences. beginning enter my lecture takes class morning during two-semester, but at semester three I move to class afternoon because I am there chance to teach at kindergarten. Now I am four semesters . I genuinely want to dominate to study English me must learn hard for my success.
Coment : Ida farida
Npm : 08211210010
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