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Onis Qurrota A’yunina Hamdy

Onis Qurrota A’yunina Hamdy
NPM   : 10211210364
Class    : 3C
Writing In Professional Context 2

  1. background of the problem
English is the first foreign language in our country, which is taught from Elementary level to University level. English is also intensively used in International communication, in written as well in spoken communication. In addition, many  books of science, technology, art and other published issues are written in English. In English language, there are integrated skills to be mastered such as : Speaking, listening, reading and writing. As Haycraft states (1978: 8) that there are various skills in mastering of language : respective skill, listening (understanding the spoken language), reading (understanding the written language), andproductive skills- speaking and writing.
The researcher choose student’s composing narrative writing as a material of narrative writing. By assumption that the composition is the result of student’s product that can be known clearly. Sofyan (1999:86)stated that narrative is a story which is connected with events based on the plot. Then why the teacher vuse narrative text, it is because the narrative as a story a human experience, so that the studen5t arrange easly the compotition. As Keraf (1991:136) states that “Narrative as a story tells or describe an action in the past time clearly, so narrative is tried to answer the question : what had happened?. Naratve as a story, so it is should have the element that can make story more interesting to the reader such as a conflict and conclusion of the story.
The student must have good communication in both oral and written form. Oral formis that speaking and listening, and written form is that writing in reading. The student have difficulties in composing narrative writing such as : stuck to get diction, getting idea and ordering the words.
Based on the problem above, the student must know some strategies in composing narrative writing such as : making outline , using picture, using dictionary, sharing with friends . using the tools (audio, audio visual) or learning’s aids (a guide), As Brown (2000:113) stated that strategies are specification methods of approaching a problem or task, modes of operation for achieving a particular end, planed design for controlling and manipulating certain information. Because of that the student should choose a good strategy to compose narrative writing. As Chamot in Masdari (2005:5) says learning and contains information.
            From the above explanation, we can infer that eachstudent has certain tendency and capability in using certain learning strategies influenced by their family background, experience, and character. In order words, strategy that is useful to student might not br useful to others. Since student have their own strategy characteristicx, they will have different learning strategies that are useful and comfortable for them.
From the above explanation, the researcher will discuss about “the student” strategies in composing narrative writing “which is conducted at the secod year of SMK PGRI 13 Cikupa – Tangerang.
  1. The Identification of Problem
Based on the background above, the research identifies the problem as follow:
  1. The student get difficult in composing narrative writing.
  2. Inappropriate learning strategies and teaching techniques,
  3. there are many kind of strategies which have done.

3.The limitation of Problem

In this research the researcher limits only on strategy in composing narrative writing done by student year of SMK PGRI 13 Cikua – Tangerang.

  1. The formulation of problem
Dealing with limitation of the problem, the researcher would like to formulate the problem as follow:
  1. what strategies are used by the student in writing narrative at second year?
  2. what are student reasons in choosing strategies at second year ?
  3. how do the student compose narrative writing at second year?
5. the Objectives of the research
The Objectives of the research could be formulated as Follow :
1.    To find strategies by the students at seconds years of smk pgri 13 cikupa.
2.    To know the students reasons in Chosing a strategy at second year of SMK PGRI 13 CIKUPA.
3.    To know the students ability in composing narrative writing at Second year of SMK PGRI 13 CIKUPA

6. the uses of the research
1.6.1. theoretically :
1.      As the references for other researchers who are interested in investigating the teaching writing ability by using composing narrative writing to students composing narrative writing
2.      As the support for the theory which states that composing narrative writing
1.6.2. practically :
1.      As the answer of the writer’s curiosity on the teaching by using composing narrative  writing to the student’s and the English teacherts.
2.      As the information for all the teachers and the students to use strategies in composing narrative writing.

7. clarification of terms
            According to Colling (2008) state that writing strategies are deliberate, focused ways of thingking about writing.
            Bassed on definition above, writing strategies are some of technique it can be a formal plan to write a book report, or it can be something as simple as a trick to remember ho a word is spelled

1.      Strategy
           According to brown (2000 :113) strategies are sfecific method of approaching a problem or taks, modes of operation for achieving a particular end, planned designs for controlling and maniputing certain information
           Then strategy is as a Remmedy the teacher in making system area that happened to process teaching learning. {ahmadi :2005:32

2.Learning Strategies
According to Chamot (1987) learning strategies are technoloques approach, or deliberate the learning and recall of both linguistic and content information. (Cited from Masdari 2005: 5)
Then learning strategies are intention behavior and thoughts used by learners during learning. So as to better help them understand learn or remember new information.
Based on diifinition above, learning strategies are technique approach, intebtion behavior used by learner during learning, so as to be better help them understand learn or remember new information.
3.Narrative writing
As Semi in Hasani (2005:22) stated that narrative is conversation or writing with the purpose tells about avtion or human experience based on the development of time. Referring on the definitions above we conduct that narrative is a story telling about the event consist of and conclusion.
  1. Organization of the paper
Chapter one discusses about introduction that consist of background of problem, identification of problem, limitation and formulation of problem, objective of the research uses of the research, clarificatiobn of terms and organization.
Chapter two discusses about frame of theories that consist of the definition of strategy, the kinds of strategy, difination of learning.
Chapter three discusses about methodology that consist of research design, place of the research, data collecting technique and analysis of the instrument.
Chapter four discusses about research result and discussion of the findings.
Chapter five discusses about conclusions and suggestion

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