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mardiyah Al khanza ;

Name :Megawati Class : 3b NPM : 10211210038 Date : 28-12-2011 Importance of communication Communication is one of the ways living things interact with each other. Would be inconceivable if the creature is the one with the other is not established communication. Perhaps this world will be quiet. Humans are social creatures that require communication. no communication means no life. and communication that has a small scale but have a major impact is communication within the family. that is why I picked topic "importance of Communication in the Family". The family consists of father, mother and child who lived in one house and have the vision and mission. Each family member has an important role. Communication within the family is very important because it can increase family harmony. The family is the smallest scope, and the interaction of family communication process begins. In the article I read, which entitled the role of communication in the family, explaining that the majority of us have problems with communication matters. But few people realize he was having problems with communication. Many clubs, organizations that originally friendly, suddenly have fragmented. Many couples who foster home so many years, suddenly decided to get divorced. Many children who are at home "look" fine, suddenly out of having to deal with the police for drug cases, brawl, sexual deviation, etc.. This communication does seem a trivial thing, everyone can "talk", but it's where is the place that became the source of the problem. In married life disharmony many cases originated from an error in communication. Whatever its form, whether infidelity, domestic violence, child abuse is the source of inappropriate communication. So, we must have communication skills. Communication is a necessity and nourishment for the human heart and mind. As food, when the physical and the tongue tastes just right, it will taste delicious. When the content of communication "good" and at that time was the heart and mind fit, it will terasalah delicacy of communication. Communicating is like playing simphony, each sensitive to the rhythm and the rhythm is playing partner. And there is also explained that the family is everything, the most important part of an important In this section the author tries to analyze the importance of communication within the family. Family is the social life of most small, should have these mini life can take place with warm, because their numbers are small which allows its members to mutual understanding and mutual memperduliakan. Smooth communication can bring a warm atmosphere in the family, no disputes, misunderstandings and other adverse effects. comfortable family circumstances will be positively related to child development. Because the child's first school is his family. Lack of attention to children from their parents, will bring up various forms of resistance that tends to harm. Children will do things outside the norm. The reason one is to be noticed. However, let note greet with parents rarely even does. The following are the negative effects of lack of communication within the family: • Families will often enlivened by a fight because there are often misunderstandings digest one thing. • The relationship between parents and children • Children will do things as a venue for seeking negative attention. • The child will lose respect and tend to fear his parents. In this part I will try to find the contrasdiction between reference article I read with my opinion and my knowledge about importance of Communication in the Family. All human beings desperately need komuniksi in his life and one type of communication is communication within the family, many people underestimate it tersebut.terkadang people are less aware that in him there is a problem about how to communicate, especially in a family that is essentially the smallest social environment. When we are able to establish good communication with the family then we will also be able to communicate and establish interaction with the outside environment. family environment is small but can be very large effect on the way we communicate and interact. Negative effects will arise when communication can not be awakened by the warm. As good as any communication materials, if not based on trust, then the communication will be difficult and ineffective. The key to communication is trust, and trust is the key to trustworthiness. Problems in the family could not be separated from the communication, while communication within the family could not be separated from the role of parents. Communication quality of children is strongly influenced by the extent to which parents communicate to him. Children will have a different attitude toward their parents. Some children who perceive their parents there is everything. No wonder they imitate all the behaviors of their parents. However, there are some who perceive their parents are very cruel, sadistic, and do not want to understand the will of the child. Of the two sides of the different attitudes (positive and negative) can be drawn a conclusion that the attitude held by the child as a result of the interaction processes that occur in the family. For families who can hold a good communication to the child will certainly give attention and affection to the child, contrary to the parents are super busy and indifferent to the child development process of infrequent interaction or communication within the family. In effect, children raised in environments that are not communicative parents will most likely look for another form of attention to the environment, misalnyanya: in the school or neighborhood peers. And in this paragraph I will explain about conclusion the topics I raise. That the most important part of the family go round that are important in communication and interaction because we live in one house, and in the same vision and mission. The warmth of the family also influenced by the mode of communication and interaction between members. Communications will be successful if the parents have the credibility in the eyes of his son. Similarly, the communication will be effective when husband and wife both have mutual trust and open. interaction and communication within the family will influence each other and provide mutual stimulus and response. With the interaction between children and parents, will form certain images on each side as a result of communication. Children will have a certain image of their parents. With the existence of certain images as a result of perception through communication, it will form also certain attitudes of each. wherever we are essentially communication is needed. Especially in a family certainly will not escape with the communication. With communication everything will be fine, then jalinlah effective communication.

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